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Ready to diffuse your essential oils but not sure where to start? You’ve probably heard of humidifier and vaporizer, but the word diffuser may be new to you. There is a difference between the three, so think about them as tools used for different conditions. Here’s a simple explanation of the differences for your reference, and why you’ll want to make sure you always have a diffuser for essential oils.

Photo via: moxiemart.com

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I cant believe this dresser was found on the side of the road for the trash. The re-do is AMAZING with the chalk paint and tips from this post, anyone can refinish any piece of furniture. So beautiful! I also cant believe how simple it was with the tools used – there was no intensive labor and the right paint means not having to start from scratch. I cant wait for my next project now….I may be looking in the trash!

Photo via: thethriftycouple.com

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