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Took this photo last night as I was makin me kohl. Use a natural candle, flame touching the bottom of a silver spoon. When a bit of soot builds up, scrape it into a lil tin (left). Repeat. Once youve got plenty of soot in the tin, drop about three or four drops (ish) of melted ghee or coconut oil and stir with a matchstick until its the thickness of toothpaste. Apply with a brush. This is my third batch and I wont go back to commercial nonsense. Ever. Love, Arbibi

Photo via: rachelbrice.com

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Minimizing a Breakout Soak one un-coated Ibuprofen with just a couple drops of water in a cup. When it looks like its starting to dissolve, crush with a spoon to make a thick paste and apply to the breakout for about 10-15 min. And there you have it! A simple solution to help make your day that much better! (Note: Ibuprofen helps with swelling, in case you were wondering how this works)

Photo via: cakeandstilettos.com

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